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Blogging Again

PenIt’s been rather fun looking back at my old posts. Brought back some great memories but also at the same time some very sad ones. I have never really a specific reason for this blog, as in it doesn’t have or never has had any type of market to aim for. It’s mainly been for fun. I want to to keep the fun element but also I want to provide information for different things such as web design, wordpress and SEO. For the time being while I work out exactly what I want the blog to do I thought I would re-open my blog and share some of the posts and videos I have done in the past.

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What do you want your tombstone to say?


Rounded Tombstone

Ok so this is a topic that has been suggested by Cemetery Travel. So I gave this some thought and I don’t think I could just RIP Timmer, neither could I have something witty, it would need to be erm…..fitting.

So I think I would have this Tim, made the most of everything and always smiling & bound to be causing mischief wherever he is now!

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VEDA Day 10

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

What are some things you are bad at?

I believe, I’m not 100% sure but I may have blogged about something like this once before. I searched my blog (but being male I may have not looked properly) but couldn’t find the post I had allegedly written lol.


So I am bad at a few things, one being I am bad at singing, I am very good at singing in part of a group on my own I am certainly no where as good nor as confident. I am doing as quick at updating a friends website as quick as I should, but my biggest thing that I am not very good at in any shape or other is saying no.

I know that sounds daft but I find it difficult saying no to people, of course if someone asked me to do something that would break the law then of course I would say no, but I am really bad at saying No to people as I almost feel as though I am letting that particular person down, when really sometimes I should put myself first every now and then.

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VEDA Day 9

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

What are a few things that give you inspiration? Show us if you can.


So with my job I get to meet a variety of different people from all walks of life. That’s one of the main parts of my job that I really love. But it’s thanks to those people that I meet and the friends I have (be it internet friends or friends I see regularly) that I get my inspiration from.

It’s not just people though. Look around you. The world is full of things to get your inspiration from. I’ve never done this but the leaves falling from a tree come autumn could give someone the inspiration to take up photography.

For me an example of what/who has inspired me the most (apart from you bloggers and VEDA folk) is people like iJustine and Brittani Louise Taylor. These are some of the people that inspired me to start making videos. I certainly hope that I will be able to create something just as funny, creative and watchable.

Anything or anyone can be your inspiration, it’s how you look at things and how you interpret them that gives you inspiration.

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VEDA Day 7

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

Do you like to travel? Where would you go right now if you could?


I love to travel. Travelling excites me. I love going into the unknown as it where. Throughout my life I have been extremely fortunate to visit some truly beautiful places including New York, Dubai, India and South Africa.

If I were to drop everything to go away on holiday I would say I would go to China then off to Japan. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go. The language fascinates me.

Whilst being in China I would love to visit the shaolin monastery. The shaolin monks have been to the UK a few times and I have been able to watch some of their shows. But how awesome would it be to see the monks train in their home environment? A real honour.

I love chinese food and although not had a huge amount of Japanese food I would still live to have one of Japans delicacies Fugi.