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Blogging Again

PenIt’s been rather fun looking back at my old posts. Brought back some great memories but also at the same time some very sad ones. I have never really a specific reason for this blog, as in it doesn’t have or never has had any type of market to aim for. It’s mainly been for fun. I want to to keep the fun element but also I want to provide information for different things such as web design, wordpress and SEO. For the time being while I work out exactly what I want the blog to do I thought I would re-open my blog and share some of the posts and videos I have done in the past.

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F is For Fuming/Foolish

Ok, so I rarely have a rant on my blog but I fancied sharing some of the news which is dominating the British news at the moment. Now before I continue I would like to point out (and from my juvenile thoughts you may be able to guess) that I don’t really follow politics and I don’t pretend to understand it either. The other thing I don’t understand in its entirety is the EU and how the UK plays it’s part in this.

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So basically each country within Europe i.e Ireland, France, Spain, Italy etc had their own individual currency up until 1999 and then the Euro was introduced to each country with the premise that’ll make the money of each country stronger plus have the reassurance that the Euro will stay strong much like the Japanese Yen and the US Dollar. And to be fair the Euro has held its word as now the Euro is the 2nd largest reserve currency & second to the US dollar in terms of currency used with traders etc.

But since the Euro was introduced 11 years ago a few countries have struggled & needed a financial bailout with Portugal being the most recent casualty. Now Britain is reportedly committed to contribute in funding these bailouts for failing countries that are within the EU until 2013 which Britain’s last government (labour) agreed to. Quoting the Dailymail

Under the terms Britain is responsible for 13.6% of the bailout fund and taxpayers are roped into helping the eurozone countries that go bust until 2013

Now Britain is not in the Euro and I understand that we should help countries such as Ireland as we trade at high levels with them. With that said I don’t understand why is taxpayers should have to contribute to the 70 Billion Euros that Portugal needs, why not have the 17 countries that are actually in the EU do it.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for helping people out but I find it difficult to understand why we should have to contribute when Britain itself is in financial crisis. Day to-day living costs has rocketed we’re now paying 20%VAT. We pay £1.32 per litre for petrol which is pretty extreme.  More and more people are being made redundant because it is now cheaper for things to be made abroad and the reasons for all these cost increases is try to bring down the total amount of money owes which is a figure that makes me shudder.  All I think is we should bring our country back up to speed and then help others.  Rant over!  As I said my thought’s and opinions made be juvenile, but I would really like to hear some other people’s thoughts about this.

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My 1st Vlog

So as some of you may be aware I really want to start vlogging and do similar things to DeniseVlog’s, iJustine and last but not least Britanni Louise Taylor. So the other day I did a live broadcast on TwitCast and I guess this is my 1st attempt at filming myself and putting it out there as it were.  Soon there will be many more.

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An Interview With SEO Andy

SEO WebsiteWhen you read this you’ll probably think I’m completely mad and for those who know me then that statement isn’t far from the truth.  I’ve known Andy for about a year I guess and we crossed paths in a very odd manner.  You see we’re both fellow joinees.  Long Story short we had both read a book called Join Me – by Danny Wallace and both had a mutual liking for it.  Anyway I had a post up on the Join Me Forum asking for some help with a WordPress theme that I was tweaking at the time, Andy got in touch and been twittering and emailing each other every now and then ever since.  The nice thing with Andy is he’s always happy to help and is a bit of a legend with web design and seo.  I can’t thank him enough for all the bits of info and web/seo advice he’s given me.  Lately Andy has put the web design on hold (to a degree) and is now concentrating on his political thoughts.

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23rd Bond Movie to Go Ahead

Die Hard Bond fans will be pleased to know that the 23rd Bond movie has finally got the go ahead to be made this year after being put on hold due to financial constraints.

The 23rd Bond film will star Daniel Craig – his third time playing 007 – and will be directed by Sam Mendes, the director of American Beauty, and is certainly appropriately

timed as the film will mark the 50th Anniversary of Dr No which was the very 1st Bond Film starring the ever so smooth Sean Connery. The 23rd Bond film is rumoured to be part of year-long celebrations of the most famous spy.

MGM has the rights to the Bond films, based on the books by Ian Fleming and is thought to be the longest running franchise in film history. Given all the history I feel that the new film will certainly be worth the wait.

Daniel Craig – who made his Bond debut in Casino Royale in 2006 – is the sixth actor to play the British secret agent on the big screen, after Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

Filming is due to start later this year & is expected to be in cinemas November 9th 2012

So to celebrate this I would like to start a poll, no rhyme or reason to this, just would like to see out of interest who is your favourite actor to have played James Bond?