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My One and Only

What one luxury do you refuse to live without

This is tricky! Of course things like computers phones etc I would personally say are a given.

The thing I would refuse to live without is a bit random. Curry. I am a huge curry fan. For me my luxury is to go to my favourite local Indian restaurant for a meal there or a takeaway. I simply couldn’t live without my regular fix of this


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Food That’s Worth a Try

What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try? But have chickened out on trying? (lol, chickened.)

I love food. I love to cook food and I personally feel I’m quite keen to try pretty much any food at least once.

Through out my life I have been very fortunate to try many wonderful food stuffs. I have been lucky enough to eat:

  • Shark
  • kangaroo
  • Crocodile
but there is something that I have always wanted to try.  Now I wouldn’t say this is the reason why I want to try it but it was something that I saw on the Simpsons.  What I want to try is something called Fugi.
The Fugi Fish
The Fugi Fish
Basically Fugi is a Japanese delicacy and only qualified chefs can prepare the fish so that it is safe to eat due to the deadly poisons the fish has.  I’m not 100% sure of why I want to try this maybe it’s the risk/fear factor I don’t know but hey, I’m sure it’s pretty tasty.