Well this is the scary bit,  the bit where you need to explain about yourself without waffling and at the same time short enough to sound interesting.

Ok well I’m of a respectable age and am one of those kinda guys that is in to absolutely everything….except for football just don’t understand it or why they get paid so much money.

I am from a large family and have a congenital heart disease but I work full-time in a job I love dearly. I have a keen interest in web and graphic design as well as amateur dramatics. 

When I am not working I love to cook and especially any receipies by Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. I wouldn’t say I’m a great cook just great at following instructions. 

I am also a massive massive Apple fan boy, follower, devotee, sheep what ever you want to call me. Not sure why but I am just in love with the brand. I did have a dirty thought and contemplated going android but that was short lived. 


14 thoughts on “About”

    1. I’m trying to convince her, maybe tis year will be the year that she takes the plunge. Which iPhone do you have? I have the 3GS I wanted to get the iPhone 4 but thought I’d hold out a wee bit longer

  1. I love your blog. I hope your heart disease heals by the works of our Lord. Miracles do happen. You do not need to change anything about yourself. You are perfect. Thanks for your video’s. Love them all!!

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