Thoughts, VEDA 2011

VEDA Day 10

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

What are some things you are bad at?

I believe, I’m not 100% sure but I may have blogged about something like this once before. I searched my blog (but being male I may have not looked properly) but couldn’t find the post I had allegedly written lol.


So I am bad at a few things, one being I am bad at singing, I am very good at singing in part of a group on my own I am certainly no where as good nor as confident. I am doing as quick at updating a friends website as quick as I should, but my biggest thing that I am not very good at in any shape or other is saying no.

I know that sounds daft but I find it difficult saying no to people, of course if someone asked me to do something that would break the law then of course I would say no, but I am really bad at saying No to people as I almost feel as though I am letting that particular person down, when really sometimes I should put myself first every now and then.


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