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VEDA Day 8

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

What’s Your Dream Job?

Ok, so some of you may now have figured out by now that I am interested in pretty much everything. This is why I found this topic a little difficult as I couldn’t quite pin point exactly what would be my dream job.

So, I am came up with this and I think this would suit me down to the ground. I love technology, I love everything Apple, I love the web and particularly like websites & building them. (A multi-talented person……..Lol)

So my perfect job would be working for Apple in their head office, either doing work relating to their website/ online shop and music store or working on product development.

Of course this would mean relocation to California, as it would be a bitch of a drive home, but hey we all make sacrifices for some things.


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