Thoughts, Travel, VEDA 2011

VEDA Day 7

As I am unable to vlog for the next few days I thought I would continue with the suggested topics for VEDA and blog about them instead.

Do you like to travel? Where would you go right now if you could?


I love to travel. Travelling excites me. I love going into the unknown as it where. Throughout my life I have been extremely fortunate to visit some truly beautiful places including New York, Dubai, India and South Africa.

If I were to drop everything to go away on holiday I would say I would go to China then off to Japan. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go. The language fascinates me.

Whilst being in China I would love to visit the shaolin monastery. The shaolin monks have been to the UK a few times and I have been able to watch some of their shows. But how awesome would it be to see the monks train in their home environment? A real honour.

I love chinese food and although not had a huge amount of Japanese food I would still live to have one of Japans delicacies Fugi.



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