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VEDA 2011

Tomorrow, I will be throwing my self in the deep end.  Metaphorically speaking.  As some of you know I started blogging again in the last week or so after having a few months off of not doing any.  I have enjoyed getting back into the whole blogging thing and I also like doing some vlogging although I haven’t done any in a few months.

So I am going to participate in VEDA 2011.  For those of you who don’t know what VEDA means Vlog Every Day in August and that is essentially what I am going to do.

The VEDA challenge I’m taking part in is from a site called We Blog We Vlog and it runs in a similar way to The Daily Post but all the topics have been set out already within a calendar.  The one problem I have is, I will not technically be vlogging every day in august as there will be some time where I will possibly be unable to upload any videos but will try my damn hardest, if I can’t I will write a blog post answering the topic given.  My videos will be posted up on my blog everyday and along with this I will try my best to complete some blog posts along side.

So I hope you enjoy some of the videos I make, I would love if some of you could watch them and if happy to comment on them.


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