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Space Shuttle Retirement

Are you happy or sad the Space Shuttle has been retired? What do you think the next goal for humans in space should be, and what do you think Russia and China, the new leaders, will do next? Is it important enough to get funding before other needs?

Before I begin, I haven’t been living in a hole or anything I’m just catching up on old blog topic ideas on The Daily Post

Personally I believe it’s a sad thing the Space Shuttle has been retired after 30 years of space travel.


For me I think that the next goal we as a human race should try is learn more about the other planets within our solar system, and in particular Mars. Technologically speaking according to NASA it is possible however it would take approximately 6 months to get there and the amount of fuel required would take up a lot of the shuttle’s space (no pun intended) and would almost certainly not have enough fuel to return home.

With regards to China I believe that if these advances in space travel then China will be the nation to do it. My main reason for thinking this is that China is becoming of a wealthy nation and I believe at some point maybe not in the to far distant future that they will take over from New York as being the financial capital of the world. So with this in mind they will certainly have the money for investment in space travel, when compared to the current financial state of the US.

I believe that I will be alive to witness the next big thing in space travel and will feel when everyone witnessed Neil Alden Armstrong 1st walk on the moon.


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