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Dream House

Describe your dream house. Where is it? What rooms does it have? How would you design the floor plan? Would you do in the layout and style of the house if there were no restrictions on expense or location?

When I was younger until the age of about 9 years old I was very luck to have lived in 2 fairly big houses before we moved to a smaller one as all my brothers had moved out. I truly loved those houses and if I could ever buy one of them again I would, however of course if I had the money I would buy something even more special which I will reveal shortly.

My ideal house would be big, not because I’m being snobby or anything but I’m guessing they command more of a family presence….partly because you can fit more of your family and close friends in it, which is especially exciting when it’s christmas.

In the perfect world my house wouldn’t have to many other houses surrounding it, the house would have a basement and would be on 2 levels with room for a loft room. The front door would be big maybe a double door, and the house itself would be red brick with a normal tiled roof, thatched would be nice but could live without a thatched roof. Main specifications of the house would be:

  • Must have an open fire, or, wood burning stove.
  • I would have an aga-rayburn to heat the house
  • in the basement I would have a games room/man den
  • the kitchen must be very open plan with a nice area to sit down and have dinner.
  • At least 2 rooms would be en-suite
Basically I am describing this house:
The Awesome Home Alone House

If I had $2.4 million I would buy this house in a heart beat, although I would change a few bits of the decor inside the house.


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