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Let’s Get Social

Google recently released Google+, a new social network. Do you think you need another social network? Do you prefer real social networks (people you actually see regularly), or are you happy with the digital social networks you use? Or do you avoid them all on principle?

Ok so we have Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. But to be fair I think the real main players are Facebook and Twitter.

For me I really only use twitter and to be fair, I don’t really do a huge amount of twittering. With regards to facebook I was part of it and broke away from it’s spell in 2009 and am slowly being drawn back in. So I personally believe that although I don’t think the world will benefit from another social network but Google will certainly will be a worthy challenger to take on the Goliath that is Facebook.

I personally prefer real life social networks, I think people get far to engrossed with online social networks and in some cases can have an adverse effect as in slowly withdraws people from real life social networks. So in short I am of the opinion that we do not need another social network.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Social”

    1. Hey there,

      Thank you, sadly don’t think I will be able to blog quite as much as I was but will all being well blog a little more frequently as in not doing anything not doing any for some time

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