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Nuclear Power

Is Nuclear energy a menace? or the future? Should the recent events in Japan define how we think about nuclear power forever? Why or why not? Are there any major sources of power without risks or downsides?

Ok, so I feel as though I may begin to ramble with this one so bear with me.  Long and short of it we Will run out of natural resources at some point, so it is only right that we look at alternative options sooner rather than later.

Nuclear energy is of course one of many options available to gain power.  Nuclear energy is

Clean – in terms of green house gases.  The green house gas that uranium emits is significantly less than the emissions emitted by fossil fuels.

Reliable – As long as there is uranium there will always be power.

Power plants don’t actually take up that much space.

Renewable – Although expensive new reactors can be made when old ones wear out.

Nuclear energy is extremely condensed so it can produce large amounts of power over short periods of time.  But of course with every good point there are as always some bad points.

  • There is high levels of waste, when disposed of this highly dangerous waste can take several thousand years to get to a safe level.
  • Nuclear power plants are extremely expensive to run.
  • Risks of nuclear meltdown which in turn will release obscene amounts of radiation which can be extremely dangerous to the general public or even fatal.
  • The biggest risk is terrorism.  Some reactors produce plutonium which can be used to make nuclear weapons, plus the power plants themselves may be a target as the devastation it could cause if targeted.
Really I don’t think we should look at nuclear power as a menace nor do I think we should look at as the future, because at some point there will be a better safer renewable source of energy.  Having said that because of the devastation in Japan I believe that this may have highlighted even more so that we are to treat nuclear power with even more respect & look at more ways to harness this power whilst at the same time making it more safe should anything like that happen again.

1 thought on “Nuclear Power”

  1. I concur… there are pros and cons to nuclear energy but member nations will continue to look for ways to use it safely and effectively. 🙂
    Happy weekend!

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