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e-book Reader

Would you ever get an e-book reader?

Ok so the e-book readers are getting more and more popular with more and more options becoming available.  I think with my thoughts on this will possibly make me come across as a little hypocritical.

So let’s go off topic quickly and look at the music side of things, first of all you had

  • The LP records
  • The cassette
  • The CD
  • and now of course the iPod.

as you know the iPod has revolutionised the music as regards to the way we carry it around with us and listen to it, but we all had to make the change from one format to the other, we had to get all the music we had on cassette on to cd and then we had to get all the music we had and put it on our iPods.

So my question is Are we going to go the same way with books?

Well I would hope not!!  For me I like the idea of having music in one place but then on the other I had I don’t want to carry my entire book collection with me aswell.  I like a proper book rather than a digital one, I want to feel the weight of the book, I want to feel the pages between my fingers as I turn the page, I want to smell the smell of a new book, and most of all I want to get lost within the story.  An iPad or a Kindle simply can’t give you those things and really wouldn’t be the same.  So for me, No I would NOT buy an e-book reader.


2 thoughts on “e-book Reader”

  1. Ok I will probably by the Kindle one day, just not now. All the hype about current technology. I don’t have a new flat screen tv yet. I am one who loves old fashioned ways. Great post on the ebook reader.

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