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If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do?

Ok I think I would have to pack in as much stuff in one day as I could. It would be rude not to. So here is a list of things that I would do in a day.

1. I would like to scare someone I know

2. I would visit Buckingham Palace and look around the whole palace and visit all the places that aren’t open to the public

3. I would have fun with the police and drive a car whilst invisible and make it look as though no one was driving.

4. I would sneak in to the The Royal Mint and throw all the nice neatly pressed notes up into the air.

5. I would sneak into the 1st class lounge at an airport and relax and to see what it’s really like.

6. Sneak into Claridges and follow one of my favourite chefs around Gordon Ramsay and maybe sample some food.


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