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My Top 10 YouTube Videos

So of late I have been doing TOP 10’s.  Now these are in no particular order, they are just 10 things that I like more so than most and today is no exception.  Today’s top 10 is my I’d say favourite youtube videos.

  1. Beatboxing Flute Inspector Gadget Theme.
  2. Jeff Dunham with Achmed The Dead Terrorist
  3. Llamas With Hats (I think thre’s loads of these. Crude but funny)
  4. Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice (British Version)
  5. Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen (LEGO)
  6. iJustine Channel, all her videos are awesome (ok so I know this a cheat but her videos are fab and she’s the main reason why I want to start more vlogging)
  7. Best Condom Advert EVER
  8. Women Driver’s Compilation – To be fair I think this would be funny who ever was driving
  9. Best Ever 1st Dance
  10. I have shown people this before but I think this is awesome as it brings back so many fun memories of the musical I was in Little Shop of Horrors.  This is James who was the voice of the plant

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