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Mind Reading

If you could read minds for a day, would you?

Whose? What would you want to find out?

Ok, so I am coming back and attempting some previous post topics.  So would I read minds for a day?  Well in short I would Yes.  Now here’s my reasoning for this.  I do try to read people’s body language most days as best I can but with some people I find people’s body language does sometimes come across in one way but then they mean something completely different.  So to read minds I think it would make things much easier not only for oneself but also the other person.

I guess in some ways it could be considered unethical and the whole moral issue could be debated as one would be changing answers or responses to adhere to the other person but just think about how easy some days could be?  How much time could gained were once before you could be wasting with sales assistants or customers etc.  Good huh?





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