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What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

Sad thing about life is that we need this to survive although we do also thrive on the kindness of others too, no matter how big or small. For me if it was the case that I didn’t need money to live I would actually set up a small business but be doing something I really get pleasure from doing.

I love technology I love web design and would love a job within the industry but I would like to work as a car valeter/ detailer.  For years and years I have loved cleaning cars and spending a little bit extra time and love when cleaning them, waxing them, cleaning and buffing the leather and giving it that all round new car smell and look.  It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction, pride and to be fair I find it quite relaxing.  My only trouble is that I took to long to do it.  Still I don’t take as long as the Elite detailing company which has acclaimed the title of most expensive car wash in the world and can take as long as 6 weeks to complete


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