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H is for Hero

Ok so I was browsing some blogs today and one blog I found had a post with a definition of their name courtesy of the Urban Dictionary. If you’ve never checked your name out on it then do so, some of the meanings are hilarious.

Anyway it got me thinking and I wanted to find out the age-old question of what would be my Super Hero Name so I went and found out. I went on a site called blogthings.com all you need to do is imput your name and click if you’re a boy or girl and your superhero name will be created.

There I was thinking I’d be something cool but sadly not my super hero name is ……….

The Insect Racer

Your Superpower is Ancient lore
Your Weakness is Handshakes
Your Weapon is Your Water Launcher
Your Mode of Transportation is Teleporter

So I’d like to know what your super hero name is….


4 thoughts on “H is for Hero”

  1. Mine is:
    Your Superhero Name is The Duke Apostle

    Your Superpower is Gadgets (that is funny b/c my post yesterday was on gadgets)

    Your Weakness is Midgets

    Your Weapon is Your Dark Sword

    Your Mode of Transportation is Pogo Stick

    1. The pogo stick, wow that must take ages to get about unless it’s a super powered pogo stick with 1 boing you can cover like 10 miles more somthing 🙂

  2. ROTFL! Always a risk Timmer… I coulda told ya! Em, Baxter, there is a phrase for what you are suggesting and it’s not called playing; more like … gaming the system? 🙂

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