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D is For Demise of Project 361

Ok so todays letter is the beginning of something that I have been thinking about for some time and to be fair the time is now right.  Along with the The Dailypost Challenge I have been doing another blog called Project 361.  The plan was to take a picture every single day for the year of 2011.  I was meant to start it on January the 1st but forgot.  Over the past 3 weeks or so I have been finding it more and more difficult to upload a new picture everyday and so today I regrettably came to the decision that I will cease my photo blogging challenge hence D is For The Demise of Project 361. I feel really bad that I am having to do this but feel that not posting anything for the length of time  I have pretty much says it all.  So over the next few days I will be compiling all the photo’s that I was able to take and will make a slide show and put it onto my Youtube Channel.

I do feel gutted about this and truly hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in terms of the blogging challenge that I currently take part in, all I know is I will continue to try my hardest and put all of my efforts into my now only blogging challenge.


8 thoughts on “D is For Demise of Project 361”

  1. Yikes. How many challenges are you doing? I recall you mentioned the April challenge the other day and I see you’re part of the post-a-day challenge and the random blog challenge! It’s probably best that you dropped one of them, so don’t feel bad. But I am looking forward to your slide show.

    1. Well I was only doing the Dailypost and my own project (project 361) just trying to find interesting and abstract photos each day was becoming quite a challenge. In hind sight it is probably for the best

  2. I tried the 365 photo challenge and made it about a week. It was very stressful. I enjoy blogging and do not want to be stressed out. Hang in there.

  3. I am doing so many challenge and I hope you do well with all of yours. It is not easy to keep up but I am glad I am not alone in trying to do them all and write.

  4. Don’t beat yourself up… the fact is that you tried, accomplished something from it and then moved on… Keep blogging! 🙂

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