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Ok just a short quick post with a picture of my ickle rabbit Dusty. He is just the cutest thing and I love him dearly. I photographed him on my phone so the quality isn’t that brilliant but there we go.



3 thoughts on “Dusty”

  1. What a surprise to open your page and see a photograph of this gorgeous bunny! (not that I’m biased, but bunnies rock!) Cat’s are nice too, but “bunnies are the new rockstars.”
    Now that I know you’re blog is happily influenced by Dusty, I’ll have to subscribe. I know Dusty brings you happiness because bunnies bring happiness where ever they go…

  2. Ahhhh! This is Dusty! How adorable… Sorry Baxter, you might have some serious competition … of the living, breathing kind. lol! 🙂

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