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If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

Bonus: In the movie The Matrix people could download any skill for use inside the virtual world. Is there any skill you think would be impossible to download? Why?

Being a tech and design lover I think the skill I would most want to master is coding language of a website including PHP (which originally stood for Personal Home Page) CSS (cascading style sheets) and possibly Java aswell.  Although I can dome some of these things already I would  love to have a better understanding of it all that my creative juices wouldn’t be limited my lack of scripting language.

Erm if one was living in the virtual world then you’re not bound by limitations in terms of skill set.   Being the virtual world you could be anyone you wanted and have any skills that you wanted.  So in short “No” I don’t think it would be impossible to download any skill in the virtual world.


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