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Eternity App Review

I love technology & of late I have been spending alit of time on Twitter. One guy I follow is called @emkwan and is a bit of a YouTube legend. Anyway he posted a picture of his new home screen on his iPhone & there was an app that caught my eye called Eternity. Now in the iTunes store there are 2 versions of this, the lite version & the full. Main difference being that in the lite version you can only have 7 activities and 3 tags.

What is Eternity?

Eternity is an app that measures your day-to-day activities in the form of a time log but amazingly gives you a clear indication of what you’re doing with your life and where exactly you’re spending all your time.

Using It

At first the app is a little confusing. The thing I found most difficult was deciding what activities to put on the list however, adding them is very straightforward. Once the app is launched you are presented with all your activities and across the bottom of the screen you have 5 menu views;

  • activities
  • Favourites
  • logs
  • reports
  • settings



This is where you can customise to suit you. You can also setup sub categories for each activity which is pretty dam helpful. One sub-category I have set up is
Travel  →to/from work
→Social events
→Misc Travel



Pretty self-explanatory but very helpful if you do more of one particular activity than others. Within this is a recents section which will list all most recent activities.



The logs is more of a live time line as it where. It’s lists all that you have done through out the day & if you need to edit any timings you can do so quite easily by clicking the edit button and amending your entry.



This is where all of the recordings are stored and complied. 3 main views like you would be used to in the iPhone’s calendar Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Each activity is displayed as a percentage which can also be converted into a pie chart.

Pie Chart

You do have the option to export the data collected to an email recipient. I emailed this to my self but the data shown was in table form would have been nice to have had the pie chart emailed but I don’t really know of what benefit this is going to be to most users.



Within this menu you can customise certain things such as when the week starts etc.

For the time I have had the app it has run well opened everything and hasn’t crashed. In terms of longevity I’m not to sure it’s worth the £5.99 as I think it’s one of those apps that people will typically use religiously to record activities but over time these recordings will become less frequent. In future updates I’d like to see a repeat function to automatically record such daily activities such as work or maybe sleep etc.

In short a nice app clean app but a little too expensive for what it is & functionality.

Do You have this app?  Why not share your thoughts.

Version Tested;
Eternity 1.8
iPhone3GS running iOS 4.3!
View Further details on iTunes Page & Download

2 thoughts on “Eternity App Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m debating about getting this app and your comments are helpful. I’m also kind of concerned about the cost, but I would also be using it for work (to track time spent on files and on other tasks, for filling out my timesheet). It would be out of pocket (I can’t expense it), but I think it might still be worth it for this purpose. Thoughts? Thanks again for posting!

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