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Five Question Friday 25/03/2011

I have made a Five Question Friday video this week using questions from friends and old FQF posts as there hasn’t been a FQF for this week, as from reading My Litte Life’s blog her little 1 has been very poorly so I hope she gets better soon.

Questions that I used for this week was:

  1. Wet Shave or Electric Razor
  2. What Colour are your kitchen walls
  3. Name 3 celebrities you find good-looking
  4. What’s your favourite commercial
  5. Nursery Rhymes: Round & Round the garden like a teddy bear or This little piggy

5 thoughts on “Five Question Friday 25/03/2011”

  1. I love “This Little Piggy” and you did a very good job of singing it…you sounded exactly like the piggy! How did you do that?
    Here’s a question: Do you like bunnies or cats better and why? You had better say bunnies!
    I found you through the blog-hop…because I’m a hopper, you know.

    1. Lol I used iMovie to edit the video and used a sound effect for the voice. I will include and answer your question in this weeks video 

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