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An Interview With Crabby

Now firstly I’d like to say that the person I’ve interviewed isn’t that Carbby infact I would personally say she is quite the oposite.  Crabby is 1 of my Twitter friends and has set up a blog to let of a bit of steam, share thoughts and tales of adventures and tellings of of Mr C.

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

I’m quite a tetchy person and my blog is an occasional outlet for my crabbiness that would otherwise be internalized.

2. How did you 1st get into blogging and why?

My blog started as a  response to another blogger’s post which really pushed my buttons

3. What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Most challenging would be overcoming my innate instinct that what I have to say probably isn’t worth saying and certainly isn’t worth reading.

4. Has your blog played a role in getting to know other bloggers?

As for getting to know other bloggers, there are a few I read occasionally but only if the title really grabs me. Then I enjoy the little insights into that person’s life/hobby/passion. But there isn’t one in particular that I Must Read.

5. How would (someone) describe your blogging style?

Erratic.  Neglectful,  Pretentious.

6. When you’re not blogging what do like to do?

When I’m not blogging I like to read, write – mostly short stories and piss poor poetry, Tweet, knit, take photos, play WoW (yes I know) , collect old things and dream. I like to grow my own veg as much for the pleasure of growing them as to eat.  I’m happy with my own company and can really enjoy a lone wander round the museum or in the countryside

7. What networking (if any) do you do to help promote your blog?

I announce once on twitter that I have spurted a  new load of drivel and that’s it.  I’m not really bothered about promoting it. I write for myself and anyone who happens to enjoy it but I’m never so conceited to think that it deserves to be trumpeted from the rooftops. One little parp will do.

9. Do you think Pagerank plays a vital role in a blog’s life?

I know nothing of Pagerank. I therefore conclude that it is not vital.

8. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog?

Content comes as and when I have something to say! If I don’t have anything to talk about, I don’t blog. Material suggests itself really.  Work is a major influence but that’s not because it’s my priority, more that it has issues surrounding it that are worth talking about.

10. What would you prioritize? Content? SEO? Traffic? Readers?

My priority when blogging is to spill my guts! But also, hopefully, to present said guts in a readable, structured fashion.

11. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?

The best thing a blogger can give her readers,  in my opinion, is a well written blog that actually has a point to make.  There’s no bigger turn off for me than a rambling account of somebody’s day where the highlight is they had 2 sugars in their tea instead of the usual one. Give me a story, a point, an interesting picture, provoke me, just don’t bore me with the minutiae of daily life when you have nothing to say. That’s what Twitter is for 😛

12. Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?

My favourite post of my own is about the Chilean miners. It’s the most positive.

My least favourite would have to be my first because it is structured so shamefully badly. Rage posts require calm editing.

13. What’s your take on sponsored reviews?

Sponsored reviews?  Not for me. If anyone happens upon my little corner of the web I don’t want them thinking my opinions are paid for.  Any crap I spout is Not For Profit. My personal gain is measured in other ways. How can anyone trust a blogger if they suspect that their views are for sale?

14. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

I admire http://blog.britishmedicaljobs.com/ ‘The Job Doctor’ for the effort she puts into finding interesting and provocative material and sheer volume of work! Top quality writing.

15. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Read a few blogs and see what you like about them and what irritates you.

Write only when you have something to say.


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