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A Numbers Game

What’s your favorite number and why?

Having thought about this for a while I decided that I don’t actually have a favourite number.  So with this in mind I thought I would skip this topic and blog about something different that was until I had my notification of a new post by Jackie Paulson (check her blog out it’s awesome).  Now in her post she talks about Numerology and so I looked up numerology which she had very kindly linked up to Wikipedia.

On the Wikipedia page it discusses the relationship between numbers and letters so thought I would use the gematria which is mostly found within the jewish community. Using the method I worked which will be from now on my favourite number.

1= a, j, s; 2= b, k, t; 3= c, l, u; 4= d, m, v; 5= e, n, w; 6= f, o, x; 7= g, p, y; 8= h, q, z; 9= i, r


3+8=11  My New Favourite number is now 11.

With this I did a little more investigation and found a website called What Your Name Means.  Within this you enter your full name and it works out your special number which by the looks of it uses the same method as above but also gives a description of your character which to be fair was pretty accurate, I’d recommend giving it a go.


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