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Count to 10

Read through first – then do.

Close your eyes. Count to ten. Then imagine a beautiful ancient castle (tastefully remodeled to include central heating, kick-ass wi-fi and WordPress.com ready laptops everywhere). Now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. Go into the 2nd room on the right. What’s inside?

I walk into the door and on my right hand side there is a big fire-place stacked with logs either side ready to be burnt.  In front of the fire are 2 rather big inviting sofas with a large coffee table in between so one can snuggle up on the sofa and listen to the crackles of the fire in the winter.  On the left (from walking in from the door) the whole wall is one big book-case.  Books from floor to ceiling.  Looking straight ahead from the door are 2 big bay windows with big wooden shutters which are open, allowing the sun to pour in.


1 thought on “Count to 10”

  1. a room full of mirrors, a table that hold a single glass of water and a sign requesting me to drink it .. alice has been here me thinks 🙂

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