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Yes Man

Name a book that changed your life.

What influence did it have on your thoughts, attitudes, and actions?

Recently I have been reading a lot of books by Danny Wallace.  Now some of you who read my blog on regular basis will have heard me mention Danny’s name before, as I made a friend called SEO Andy through 1 of Danny’s books called Join Me. I would certainly say that a lot of Danny’s books are fairly influential, or at least give you a sense of encouragement to do similar things.  The book I feel that has had a big impact on my thoughts and certainly given me a more positive outlook is called Yes Man.

Those film buffs out there will know that this was made into a film starring Jim Carey.  The book is a true story about Danny and how he began a journey of enlightenment (I reckon that describes it pretty well) or oath if you will of where he will for 1 year say ‘YES” to everything well within reason.  The whole concept of the Yes Man is genius.  It just breaks down all the barriers and leads to a world of opportunity.  For me I decided to say YES a lot more in my life and although it’s hard work tearing round here there and everywhere I would say that my life is more varied for it.  It’s made me have a more positive outlook on life for sure.  So I’ll like to leave you with a question.

What is the last thing you wish you had said YES to?


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