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Worst Date

My worst date was actually a series of dates but with the same person. Her name was Sharon a very sweet petite beautiful girl and I think I would have been 21-22 something like that. We were kinda set up on a blind date and I wasn’t disappointed. However it didn’t start well. At the time my brother had a house mate living with him called Richard and he had severely damaged several fingers so couldn’t do much. So my brother asked if I could get some food from the supermarket and drop it round and so I did. So I picked up my date and broke the news of what we had to do. Awkwardly we bought food from the supermarket and then went to my brother’s house, cooked what we had to cook and then dashed out for the table that she had booked and had re-arrange for a slightly later time. You would think that was enough of a passion killer wouldn’t you but there’s more to come.

The restaurant was fab and the company even nicer but I made a prize prat of myself and spilt my soup starter down my shirt. Thankfully she saw the funny side of things and bizarrely said that she would like to see me again. RESULT!

The second date went rather well. We decided to go to a rather nice country pub and have a drink. Things went very well until I lent against a wall which I didn’t realise was wet and managed to get cream paint all over the back of my black t-shirt, GENIUS!

Surprisingly we went out for a third date. The date again went very well and had a lovely time. We then sat on a wall and whilst sat there she gives me a new t-shirt to replace the one I ruined. I was so happy I gave her a massive loving hug and knocked her rather expensive glasses off her head which fell into the moat behind us. FAIL!

Even though the first 3 dates weren’t the best we ended up dating for quite some time. Sadly we parted but still keep in touch which is fab.


4 thoughts on “Worst Date”

  1. you would seem to have been destined to continue dating, as she seemed unperturbed by your misfortune ..;)

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