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The Furthest Away from Home

What’s the Furthest You’ve Ever Travelled From Home?

I was at a fairly young age when I travelled the furthest distance from my home.  My destination was 6, 384 (10 274.0521 kilometres) miles away from home.  So what is exactly 6,384 miles from  home and where was my destination I hear you cry!!!  Well my destination was India. And what a trip it was loved every second of it.  We went to see the Taj Mahal which was amazing.  The great thing was when I went you were able to walk around it more so than what you can today (well that’s what I’ve heard).

I really wish I could remember more about what we did but sadly can’t but the one thing I do remember was how friendly and passionate people were about their country something we could all learn a lot from.


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