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Brains? Beauty? or Both

Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good-looking?

For me I would have to take (if it were a choice) intelligence.  That’s not to say I’m not intelligent or anything and I’m not saying that I’m amazingly good-looking (ahh I’m digging a big hole now) or anything just for me intelligence would be the greater of the 2.

But just thinking about it being super intelligent would be pretty awesome for 3 reasons;

  1. You may be able to find a cure for something.
  2. If not then your super intelligence could contribute something good to your country.
  3. Learning new things wouldn’t be so much of a struggle.

With this question in mind it made me think about whats the greater of the 2 or perhaps do they come in hand?

In my mind intelligence prevails because what’s the point of being extremely good-looking if you’ve not got the personality behind it all.  Now I’m not saying you have to be intelligent to have a personality but intelligence is key to having conversations long into the night, understanding the world around you but also it’s important to stimulate the brain.  Of course by stimulating the brain by the art of conversation, the people around  will begin to find you as a person more & more attractive (good-looking).

So perhaps maybe they both come hand in hand.

(like this post if you want to be super intelligent & super good-looking)

4 thoughts on “Brains? Beauty? or Both”

  1. I love being Intelligent, and I would rather be known with that than looks. But society does judge because I have a skin condition and people in public say, “who punched you, or who beats you up?” SO now I have a “silent disability” because of this.

    1. Too true society can be to judgemental at times. It’s horrid very quick to judge a person before they get to know them very sad. Weird to think though that perhaps say between 1930-1970 it wasn’t like that

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