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New York, New York

Describe Your Dream Vacation.

Bonus: describe your last vacation

I’m going to combine the 2 and tell you about my last holiday which was actually my dream holiday as it’s somewhere I have always wanted to go.

Last year in January I was lucky enough to visit New York City.  Even as I type this loads of fab memories are flooding back and is putting a huge smile across my face.

So Why New York?

New York has always been a place that has always struck a chord with me, maybe I was a new yorker in a previous life or something who knows.  But for some reason I have always felt attached to the city, excited by it and it’s somewhere that has always made me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

Why Only Last Year?

Sadly as much as I love the place I was never able to afford to go until last year.  Thanks to British Airways we were able to go because of unbelievable offer which simply was too good to be true.

What Did I Do?

Anything and everything, lived out a few dreams that I had such as watching a basketball game in Madison Square Gardens

Go Knicks Go! 

Went to see a show on broadway, well we went to see a show off broadway which worked out slightly cheaper.  The show we saw was Called Avenue Q which was awesome and the best thing was each morning being able to have proper american pancakes with syrup yummy.  Whilst we were there the weather was fab, clear blue skies without a cloud in sight.  But cold…very cold.  Because of the great weather it meant we could do all that we wanted, like going to visit the Statue of Liberty and went to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building and take an open top tour of the city.

The week was just perfect, it was everything that I had hoped and more.  The city was so welcoming and the people even more so.

The Plan

The plan is to go again, however I want to explore it more, see the real New York not just the tourist traps.




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