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I would of Never Believed It

Ok so the daily post challenge for this post is:

What’s something You Never Believed Until You Experienced It?

I believe in ghosts & the paranormal aliens and life beyond our tiny planet.  But it’s not something that I always believed in.  Now I don’t know what it was, be it an over active imagination (as what I’m about to type happened when I was much younger) or something else all that I know was that it was very eerie.  So let’s go back in time when Timmer was 8 or 9 something like that.  Every thursday I used to go to what was called Thursday Club which was held in the local village hall.  Now the hall had an upstairs which led to what was called the Crows Nest. I’m not 100% sure of the history of the room or the hall but I’m sure there must be something that may have caused what was experienced that night.  Now my friend and I thought we be rather daring and creep upstairs to the crow’s nest because it was slightly dusk (more dark I’d say) not really sure why.  We had been there many times before as we went there very sunday for sunday school.  Anyway when we got to the top of the stairs it was unusually cold, thought nothing of it and continued to open the door leading into the crow’s nest.  When we opened the door each of the tables had water pouring off the edge of them much like a waterfall & then a cupboard door began to slowly open.  So when faced with a situation like this we did what was right & ran back down the stairs screaming.  We then went back upstairs with 1 of the adults after explaining what had just happened.  Once we arrived back upstairs the door was opened only to find the tables and the floor were bone dry.

Now as I say I don’t know what it was, over active imagination, the thrill of doing something that we perceived as being scary or maybe something else, I believe it was because of this happening it has given more of an open mind as until then I didn’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal.

Would Love to hear your thoughts, or some of your things you never believed in until it happened.


4 thoughts on “I would of Never Believed It”

  1. I am the same Tim, not sure what I believe in but there is definately something out there. My uncle had grand daughter to stay one night at his house. She was only about 6 months old at the time and couldnt walk or crawl. They put her to bed and went to check on her a couple of hours later, to find someone or something must of picked her up as they found her fast asleep on the bathroom floor which was quite away from the bedroom!!!!!!! I also think children are more open to these things. Cameron always used to talk about a man that was standing in the door way of my house he was convinced there was someone looking after us, I like to think it was my dad!

    1. Totally agree kids are more open to the idea of ghosts and all that. Aww almost like a guardian angel watching over the household. Thats really nice.

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