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Life Without the Internet

Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

Hmm, lets see.  Well I could certainly cope without the internet for a small period of time as long as it’s not a long one.  2 weeks or a week would certainly be enough.  It’s definitely a hell of a lot easier whilst away on holiday or something like that.  I certainly wouldn’t get withdrawal symptoms.

So with this in mind it made me think (for a few hours) as to if I could keep the internet what services and web-based thingies could I do without if I were made to choose and here is my list;

  1. Facebook – Did it for a while, got very bored of it so no longer on it.
  2. TwitterI do like the whole twitter thing, but I wouldn’t say it’s a big part of my life, as in I need to use it everyday I could have a perfectly good day without it.
  3. E-mail – I think I could get away without email, just would have to revert to the old snail mail method.

Would love to hear your comments or thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “Life Without the Internet”

  1. I’m still thinking about this post — haven’t written it yet.

    Facebook, I could do away with in the wink of an eye. Twitter, I keep only because it’s a good news source.

    Email, would be the hardest to do away with.

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