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Emkwan To Give Away Free iPad

As I have always said in many of my posts I always seem to catch on to things much later than anyone else.

And this post is no exception.  I’ve recently discovered a site called Emkwan, which was originally a wordpress blog but now has it’s own fully fledged website.  The site is awesome, it’s bright, colourful and informative. Quoting Emkwans site the main aim of the Emkwan project is

Set up in late 2009 the single objective of emkwan was to build from scratch with NO previous online experience, a presence online with followers and subscribers. The final aim was to see if the emkwan™ Project could reach YouTube Partnership status, which in August 2009, was successfully achieved. In little under a year, emkwan™ Project became one of the leading UK based YouTube reviewers on Blackberry and Apple related products and associated accessories. With around 500,000 videos viewed in less then 12 months.

Now the site has grown in suscribers and readers the project can now reward it’s fans by running competitions such as the free iPad giveaway.  Want to know more, head over to the emkwan™ Project  website to find out more about emkwan and his competition, or watch his video below.


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