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My Awful Joke

Q: What do you call a woman stood at the end of a football pitch?

A: Annette

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2 thoughts on “My Awful Joke”

  1. Blond, blue-eyed, bomb-shell in first class on a 747, arms extended, files her nails furiously, looks out the window and one of the engines flames out.

    Captain on the inter-com says – “Ladies and Gentlemen please don’t worry, this Aircraft is designed to fly without one of its engines.”

    Blond, blue-eyed, bomb-shell filing nails, arms extended, looks out the other window and sees another engine flame out.

    Captain on intercom – “Don’t worry, we can with two engines.”

    Blond, filing nail, looks out her window and see’s the third engine flame out.”

    Captain – “We can make it with…’

    Lady turns to the Businessman sitting beside him and says conspiratorially,

    “If that last one goes out, we’ll be up here forever!”

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