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My Faourite Mistake

What’s Your Favourite Mistake?

Just thinking back over some of the mistakes that I have made throughout my life is making me laugh as I type this. Thankfully all my mistakes have had a happy ending. So what’s my favourite mistake? While the majority of them have happened at work. So was the time where I inadvertently told a very angry customer to bring biscuits with her next time she comes to the shop? Or the time I’d mistaken a throat operation for just a normal sore throat?

For the I think the most classic mistake is…………(drum roll please!!!)

My favourite mistake I’ve made was when I was working on my own at work and I closed for lunch. For some bizarre reason I locked the door but locked both locks rather than just the 1 as I would normally. So after my lunch I went to unlock the door but for some reason couldn’t unlock the bottom lock. The key wouldn’t turn what so ever. So after thinking what I could do I thought the only thing I could do was to sit tight and wait. Wait until a customer came to the door and then pass them the keys through the letter box so they could unlock the door from the outside. The most embarrassing yet memorable and certainly favourite mistake. I’ve never locked both locks from the inside again.


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