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My Goal For 2011

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010? And how do you plan to top it in 2011 (perhaps by completing your blogging challenge!)

Wow, the single most important thing? Well last year I feel as though I accomplished a fair old amount. Biggest achievement last year was learning to ride a motorbike. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time but never got round to doing it.

Thanks to my best mate Dangerous cos I think he gave me a lot of encouragement and to be fair lots of very good advice. So in July of 2010 I managed to pass my basic training for a motor bike. So 2011. Well I’m gonna beat that by passing my full bike licence and get myself a decent 600cc bike & go on numerous bike trips roll on the sunny weather whoop whoop.


4 thoughts on “My Goal For 2011”

  1. Good luck getting the license! Here after successfully passing the MSF Basic Course it’s just a matter of going to the MVA to have you license updated, no further testing required there at all.

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