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Name a Restaurant You’ve Left Feeling Stuffed

Every now and then I like to put some money aside and treat myself to a trip to London and whilst I’m there I like to try to go somewhere that I wouldn’t

A) normally go to
B) normally be able to afford.

So i have been lucky enough to have had many wonderful dining experiences and to have eaten in some beautiful surroundings. However, I had never really been that keen on restaurants within, well I guess there classed as departmental stores….until now that is.

img source; Google

The most recent dining experience was on the recommendation of my brother & he suggested for me to try the Fountain a restaurant within the beautiful Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly London.  Fortnum & Mason was founded in 1707, Fortnum Mason is a unique and beautiful store. Fortnum’s is renowned as purveyors of fine foods, hampers, teas and wine. It has five restaurants, from an award-winning wine bar and for the ice cream lover they even have a rather funky ice cream parlour.

So I decided to go to The ‘Fountain’ restaurant, which on first inspection simply oozes sheer decadence and class.  The Lunch/dinner menu  includes fresh seasonal food such as sirloin steak, salmon darne on the bone and The Fountain fish pie. Me being a bit of a traditionalist opted for a Tartlet of Caramalised Red Onions, Glazed Ticklemore Goat’s Cheese & For main; Fish & Chips (which was catch of the day fish, hand cut chips, tartare sauce and a pea puree. I have no idea what makes ticklemore goats cheese from normal goats cheese (If you know then do please tell me).  The starter was beautifully presented but each mouthful I took was a sheer delight. But nothing could prepare me for the main.  Now i’m normally used to fish in chips wrapped in paper with so much vinegar that the paper the fish & chips are wrapped in is beginning to break.  The chips didn’t was even a drop of grease on them, and the fish literally fell apart with each bite. The bater of the fish was crisp and crunchy.  It was this meal in a restaurant that made me feel stuffed.


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