Daily Blog

A Question of Hope

What gives you hope? And what, if anything, makes you question hope? And what makes you question your questions of hope?

Every one has hope in their lives and they vary from different things, such as;-

  • a hope to meet the love of your life,
  • a hope of having a beautiful home
  • a hope of having a fulfilled and happy life,

what ever your hope may be, hope gives us as individuals something to live for, a goal if you will. I have a very simple hope, my hope is to have a long happy and fruitful life. The things that give me that hope are the loving, caring people that surround me in my everyday life. Having them around me keeps me happy spurs me on to fulfil my life’s dreams, but at the same time making them happy. In my world I would begin to question things if I didn’t have all the people I know and love around me but thankfully I have never had to question this and hopefully never will.


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