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Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

So does everything happen for a reason? Well fāte is defined as

n. Power predetermining events from eternity; what is destined;

Of course there some parts of our live’s that we cannot avoid. However, I do believe that we create our own fāte and our lives are part of a domino effect. Each occurrence is the knock on effect of the other.

An example of this could be a typical working day, you work hard, create new business you bring the money in friendly towards customers I decided to be like this and all these things keep me from the boss coming into the office shouting and screaming. But someone who decides to be rude to customers doesn’t work hard must risk the actions that could follow.

We as individuals create our own destiny and the way we control that is down to many things even down to the words we speak, be it loving or hateful, it will create our future.

You have the power to guide your destiny in the direction you want it to go.


2 thoughts on “Do you believe everything happens for a reason?”

  1. In Hindi there’s a saying. I will translate it for you. “Fate alone can’t make you reach to your destination, It has to be complemented by Hard work.”
    A well known fact in todays world is “Customer is god”. A satisfied customer is guarantee to success.

    1. I totally agree. If you want something bad enough you’ll work that much harder to achieve your goal. And with customers if you’re seen to go that extra mile they will believe more in what you do, say and the company you do it for.

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