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Talker or Texter

Am I more of a talker or a texter kinda guy?  Well I guess it really depends a huge amount on what the purpose is or who I want it to contact.  I would personally say I am more of texter than anything else.  My friends and I share a lot of jokes so we often swap different jokes with each other.  All I can say is thank goodness for unlimited text messages.  The only problem I find with texting is that it lacks that little bit of emotion or if you need to convey something to someone in a particular way it’s always that little bit more difficult so in the end you have to ring them.

But I’ve not always been like this.  When I 1st had a mobile phone I guess I used it more as a phone.  Back in the day phones such as the Nokia 3210 didn’t really have the memory capacity compared to the phones of today.  Back then you could only store 10 messages or something like that so it made you use the actual phone as a phone.  As technology has moved on phones can store a lot more so you can store some of those special messages from that someone special, which is the nice part because you don’t get that with a phone call.  If you’ve had a bad day or feeling a bit low you can always look at some of those special messages that you have saved to perk you up or make you laugh.  I Think the whole text messaging idea is fab. it’s so convenient.  It’s quick, fast, and in most cases that little bit cheaper than a phone call.

So in honour of this dailypost post I have created 2 polls. 1 to find out if you are more of a talker or texter and 2 if you are a textaholic whats the most amount of messages you’ve sent in 1 month.


2 thoughts on “Talker or Texter”

    1. Hey thanks, much appreciated. Yeah the project 361 is a plan that went wrong because I started late. I’m finding that tricky, trying to find something fun, interesting etc but i’ll get there i’m sure.

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