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Have I Ever Been on Stage?

Another Post as part of Post A Day 2011

In short yes! Yes I have been on stage. Sadly never in a professional capacity but certainly as part of amateur dramatics. My first time I tred the boards (check me out, how showbiz is that lol) was the good old nativity play, which to be fair I can’t really remember much of. The only thing I do remember is that my friend played some kind of boffin. Bizarre!

programs for 3 of the shows I have been in Sleeping Beauty (left) Puss in Boots 7 Half a Sixpence

I did a play whilst I was in secondary school, but again I really can’t remember much it was a lead role and it may be a surprise to you all (as I can’t seem to remember much lol) was that I had quite a few lines and I actually remembered them all.  I then didn’t do anything for a while then about 3 years ago I then got back into the whole acting thing.  Luckily a friend put me in touch with a local amateur dramatics group called Encore Northenders and said they really need to find someone to play 1 of the principal parts and thought I would be ideal.  So went along for an audition and managed to get the part.  The production was called Sleeping Beauty and  I was playing the part of Muddles a loveable simpleton, which was fab as that suited my character rather well.  It was great fun playing the part and was able to really throw myself into the whole thing. The person that was on stage with me for most of the time was the Dame and it was just mayhem all the way.  We managed to win an award for the show as the acting group enter into a thing called the Rosebowl awards, it’s like the Oscars for amateur dramatics.  You can read a newspaper article from clicking here.

After that we did a musical which was called Little Shop of Horrors.  The show was immense it’s something that the group had wanted to do for ages and we pulled all the stops out. The guy who played the main part (Audrey II – the plant) was the guy who originally introduced me to the group, and he suited the part very well. It was so good we even filmed him.  

Basically we had rigged up  camera so he could see the plant movements on stage on a tv backstage.  I played the part of Arthur Denton a masochistic person who really just went for the pain.  The part was very comical.  Sadly I couldn’t recreate how the fabulous Bill Murry did it but I certainly made it my own.
The acting is fun, really fun but takes so much out off you.  Lots of rehearsals lots of people getting amazingly stressed in the weeks running up to the show, but once the curtains open for the 1st time the buzz or rush that you get is something that’s out of this world and that’s why I do it. All the stress before hand seems worth it. If you’ve ever thought about doing it, you should.  It’s a fab way to meet new people but also with some of the dances and that it’s a good way to keep fit.

Starting Jan 31st 2011 - although not on stage helping out with the props.

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