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Why did I start Blogging?

OK, so here is my 1st piece as part of the Daily Post Challenge.  I am trying desperately to think as to when I actually started my blog……. I’ve now had a look and I posted my 1st blog entry in February 2010 entitled Song of the Day.  The plan was I was going to share with people certain high lights of my day.  The song of the day was originally intended to be updated daily but only with those songs that really get you singing along or those annoying songs that you just can’t get out of your head, so thought it only fair to share that with the world.  Along with doing this I was planning of using the blog as a form of diary, a momentum of the days happenings so that maybe in years to come I could look back and have a read and all being well a bit of a chuckle.

After a while of not updating the blog, I then started again in August 2010 but had abandoned the idea of using it as a diary.  The sad fact with my blog there is no particular niche so therefore use the blog for a bit of everything.  My main reason on why I blog is so that I can

  • Share news,
  • Share feelings and thoughts although sometimes short Remembering 9/11
  • Write my own reviews on certain things such as the My Ruddy Voice website and voice over service.
  • Express my opinions on certain things.
  • Share some of my loves and wants such as My Motor Cycle of Choice
  • Blogging allows me to be that little bit more creative,
  • What I write may not be the next type of thing you’d see in The Times or Daily Express but is genuine and is the thoughts from an everyday kinda guy.
  • As I write more my creativity should grow and I will become more confident with what I write.

When I 1st got into the whole twitter thing I read a book about it and 1 of the questions was;

What Shall I Tweet About?

A: Anything, Twitter users love to hear what everyone else is doing – even if it sounds really boring to you.

And for me that’s why I blog because I believe that whilst some people may not like what I have written others will love to hear my thoughts about this that or the other.


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