2011 New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year again where we all reflect on the year gone by & think about how we could have done some things that little bit ….better.

So after having thought about it what do we do? Well, we make a New Years Resolution, a tradition that dates back as far as 153 B.C. It was around this time that January 1st was declared the beginning of each year.

During those early times of what was going to be a life long tradition typical resolutions would normally be to return borrowed farm equipment. Whilst things like that seem quite appropriate some of today’s typical resolutions are quite different. Typical resolutions of today’s era include

  • to stop smoking
  • to lose weight

I have every intention of having and seeing thru my new years resolutions for 2011 , I guess it’s setting resolutions that are realistic, something that by putting time & effort into something one could achieve more easily.

So my resolutions for 2011;

  1. See the family more
  2. Volunteer – with a vision/sight charity
  3. Devote 1 day a week to the online store i look after
  4. Blog more frequently
  5. Start to Vlog
  6. Do motor bike licence
  7. get a 600cc motor bike
  8. loose a little bit of weight (couldn’t help but slip that in)



Have a Happy and Prosperous 2011


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