Area 51 Debunked

Everyone’s heard of the (in)famous Area 51 base out in the Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas. It’s been the centre point of a lot of US government conspiracy theories, starting with the Roswell UFO crash in the 1950s. Having spent the best part of a year researching this place, as well as the surrounding area, I want to debunk the claims that this area is some kind of storage facility for crashed alien spacecraft.

Google and Area 51

I’ll split the post up into different sections; firstly, I’ll address Google Earth. If you type in ‘Area 51’ into Google Earth or Maps, it’ll take you to an unmarked US Air Force base in the Nevada desert, far away from anywhere. The term ‘Area 51’ actually refers to an entire area, rather than one specific point (or building). The base that Google takes you to is large, and located on one side of the long dried-up bed of Groom Lake. There are hangars and buildings clearly visible, as well as aircraft, cars, and roads. You may sit there thinking why the US Government would allow Google to ‘publish’ such sensitive information? After all, Groom Lake is surrounded by the infamous ‘deadly force authorised’ signs, as seen below:

Papoose Lake and other surrounding complexes

Where things get real creepy is in the amount of surrounding unmarked airstrips and complexes. The Groom Lake complex may be at the centre of the restricted area, but there are many other sites around that are equally as intriguing. Chief among which is Papoose Lake, rumoured site of S4, where alien spacecraft are supposedly harboured, reverse-engineered, and tested.

In the above screenshot, you can see that Papoose Lake is separated from Groom Lake by a ridge of mountains. Also, Papoose Lake doesn’t appear to have any buildings on it whatsoever. There are, however, roads leading onto the lake; it’s my belief that there is some kind of underground passage and/or complex within the mountain, that connects Groom Lake to Papoose Lake. It’s rumoured that the aircraft being tested at Papoose Lake are the most secret of all, and this is probably true. Papoose Lake is a better location for this type of facility than Groom, simply because it’s concealed by more mountains. Although Groom has one of the longest runways in the world, it’s perfectly plausible that the USAF would want to test their most secret aircraft at a more discreet location; Papoose Lake is the ideal location for this type of activity. Papoose Lake doesn’t have a runway, so perhaps the USAF are testing some kind of hovering aircraft, similar in principal to the Harrier Jump Jet. What’s strange is that despite no buildings appearing on Google Earth or Maps, photographs clearly show buildings at Papoose Lake:


First of all, let me state my standing on this: there are no aliens at any of these facilities. I believe that there is alien life somewhere in the cosmos, but I simply don’t believe that any has made it down to Earth yet. The theory that the US Government is hiding alien spacecraft at a military base in the middle of nowhere, and reverse-engineering them for creating new aircraft, seems utterly ridiculous to me. Sure, there have been many witnesses who claimed to have seen some alien spacecraft at Area 51, but given the nature of the type of aircraft that is being developed out there they have to be mistaken.

I believe that this entire area of the desert is devoted to testing top secret aircraft; the location and security of these facilities tells us that there’s something there that they don’t want you to see. The US has always been at the cutting edge of warfare technology, such as the SR-71 Blackbird spyplane, tested at Groom Lake in the 1960s. It could go to nearly three times the speed of sound back then, so imagine what kind of technology they’re developing today.


With all of the secrecy and mystery surrounding this area, it’s very easy to let your imagination run wild and avoid a prosaic explanation. The truth is, I can’t say for sure what is going on there, but I’ve made my mind up that Groom Lake and surrounding complexes are nothing more than testing sites for the latest and greatest aircraft and weapons. Why the security? Well, the US may be harbouring some wonderful inventions there; human inventions, not taken from alien technology. There’s clearly some things there that the US Government would rather you didn’t know about, and it’s perfectly understandable that they’re guarded in this manner.

Oh and all those UFOs you’re seeing around Las Vegas? Well now you know what they really are.


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