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Channel 4 OD & iTV Player Coming to PS3

The BBC have always been at the forefront of making their content more accessible to the public by putting there content on devices that the public use more often now such as iPhones and of course the Playstation 3.


Now Playstation users will have a greater variety of on demand services available to them, The ITV Player and Channel 4’s 4oD service are expected to launch this week and is going to be the first commercial TV video content that can be watched via the PS3.  This is a great move forward for all parties involved including the general public. According to Alan Duncan, the marketing director for PlayStation in the UK, said

ITV and Channel 4 could expect an incremental increase in traffic of about 10% from users watching shows via their games consoles.

The Playstation is more and more becoming worth every single penny and as far as I’m concerned knocking socks off the competition because its meeting it’s customers wants and exceeding them.  So could we expect more services like this? Only time will tell

Source:  The Guardian,

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