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Chris Moyles Charity Single

BBC radio 1 super saviour Chris Moyles has had a pretty tough time of it lately. He recently split from his 8 year relationship with Sophie Waite telling her that did not want to wed.

Now the Radio 1 dj hasn’t been paid for 2 months and has even had a half hour on-air rant to his loyal listeners telling them that he hasn’t been paid. Now fair enough as he hasn’t been paid we are all entitled to have a bit of rant but with someone in his position surely it’s his job to lift our spirits not bring us down.

So when you’ve not been paid for a while what do you do? Well you start a charity song and sell it on iTunes.  His new song called Do They Know it’s Chris Moyles is set as a little dig at the BBC but also to help raise money for Good Food Matters Charity.


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