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Google’s Music Service to Include Cloud-Based Locker [REPORT]

Wow, it may be the case that the general public have said what they want with regards to digital music and Google have listened.

Jennifer Van Grove posted an article today discussing Google’s new music service.  In her article she quotes,

Google’s much anticipated music offering is said to be launching by Christmas, and new information from Billboard suggests that it will be both a digital download store and a cloud-based subscription service costing $25 per year

For me, one of the main things that really stands out from iTunes is that you will be able to preview the whole song.  Yes, you read correctly. The whole song.  From looking around the net a report has also claimed that

the cloud storage will allow you to store and access your music collection, stream full tracks and share full track streams with friends free of charge for the first listen.

But from looking around I’m wondering if this service will mirror the Spotify service.  With Spotify, as long as your set up with the premium service you can download music to an app and play the music as many times as you wish.  So will there be mush difference??

 Still no news has been set in stone, but to be fair it wont be long until all will be revealed.  You can read Jennifer’s article in by clicking the link below.

Google’s Music Service to Include Cloud-Based Locker [REPORT].


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