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My Ruddy Voice

Those of you who are from the UK will be familiar with Voice Over Man. Peter Dickson is a hugely popular voice over artist based in London. He has graced us with his talents on such things as Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor and the Paul O’Grady Show. Looking on Peters website he is quite the entrepreneur one of his latest ventures being

Clearly Peter is a very smart man because he’s using one his best attributes to make more cash, yep his voice. On visiting the site, the annoying thing is it’s lading page. Yes the page looks bright and inviting but I would rather jump straight to the index page rather than having to click to enter the site.

The top image saying me to your mobile can be a little misleading as unfortunately you cannot purchase an item and have it delivered to your mobile voicemail so that it would be your new greeting.

The navigation is very clear and easy to use. You have 3 options to choose from anonymous stuff, personalised stuff, or, what ever you want!!

  • Anonymous stuff – consists of pre-recorded generic voicemail, ringtones etc which start from £2.50.
  • Personalised Stuff – this again is generic scripts although Peter personally records these and will include your name. Prices start from £3.49.
  • Whatever You Want – Pretty much does what it says. Prices start from £14.99.

I decided to go for the Personalised voicemail. The checkout procedure was very easy and straight forward. I immediately had confirmation on payment and estimated delivery time. The product was emailed to me within 3 days in mp3 form. The quality was excellent. If it were to be used as a text message alert or ringtone then it’s well worth the money as you can upload the file to your phone and keep the quality it originally had. To be fair the voicemails themselves are very good but the quality is immediately lost and can sound very tinny because you have to play the file on computer hifi etc and record file onto your answerphone.

In short if you want to have a piece of audio gold go for anything you like because the end results are very good but be prepared to loose some of that juicy goodness with voicemail greetings.


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