Happy Birthday Google

Google celebrates it’s 12th birthday today. Incase you’ve been living in a hole for the last 12 years or are here visiting earth for the 1st time, Google is one if not thee most popular search engine today.

After being so successful google have now branched out into other areas such as mobile phones with the Apple iPhone being there main rival.

Opening it’s doors officially for the 1st time September 7th 1998 we have seen just how quickly the company has grown. If you get 5 minutes it’s really worth having a read of Googles Milestones it’s a great read also reminds us of how they duped us all with such things as MentalPlex.

The other main thing that keeps our interest with Google is the ever changing main logo. There have been far to many good 1’s to mention but for me the best one was PacMan which you can still play. Enjoy!


1 thought on “Happy Birthday Google”

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